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Can we agree on…JESUS?

Excerpts from an original Sermon by: Dr. Laura B. Christopher
Originally preached in 1998 – Song of the same title recorded in 2000
People love to disagree and fight and find things to clash or battle about. Church denominations especially are guilty of this to a fault. We have spent decades and centuries conflicting and opposing each other and arguing who is right and who is wrong when it relates to church rules and regulations, scripture interpretation, rituals, rites and practices. Our disagreements are as vast as the oceans and as several as the sands of the seas. I was raised in the National Baptist denomination, my husband was brought up AME, and after marriage we ventured into the Apostolic Church as leaders, and then closely followed the COGIC. In seminary we studied over one hundred denominations and their exclusivities, from which hundreds more were formed, bringing with them more and more matters to argue about and disagree on.
Squabbling over who is right or who is wrong on any church/christian matter has taken over and seems to be the world’s spectator sport to see who makes the best case for their belief.
Grant it, there are certain scriptures that because of language interpretation or restricted cultural differences have somewhat of a gray area and absolutely need further deliberation and dynamic equivalents in order to understand them; but the out-right, knock-down, drag-out feuding among us has dishonored the Holy Word of God and caused the world to poke fun, point fingers and most of all made them back away from God and the Church even the more.
Dennis Wrigley, the Leader of Maranatha, an Ecumenical Christian network said…  “While the influence of the Church diminishes and young people have left in droves, our nation now faces a monumental crisis evidenced in broken families, widespread drug addiction and alcohol abuse, soaring rates of violent crime and the insidious growth of pornography. God is surely prompting us to face up to the crisis in both the churches and the nation.”

With such a powerful observation and statement of undeniable fact confronting us, I ask you, what time do we have to fall out over denominational boundaries that mean nothing in the scheme of salvation? We have been tricked, duped, deceived and led to believe (by Satan) that if people don’t do things just like we want them, they are eternally lost and therefore, we must wage this lifelong battle with them and “protect” God’s word from being misinterpreted.  We can no longer waste precious planet time trying to prove everybody else is mistaken, while the world is going to hell at break-neck speed.
I know that most Christians have a high regard for the Word of God, but do not always come to the same conclusions. Could it be that some beliefs are simply a matter of choice and should not divide us but instead be a means for unity?
While some churches have deacons and others call them stewards… can we agree on JESUS?
While some churches observe communion once per month and others every three months… can we just agree on JESUS?
While some churches call their pastors and ministers - Reverends and others call them Elders…can we agree on JESUS?
While some churches use musical instruments and others don’t…can we agree on JESUS?
Can we agree that he was conceived of the Holy Spirit …born of a virgin…hung, bled and died for our sins…ascended to heaven…is now sitting on the right hand of the Father interceding for you and me?
I submit to you that we have more to agree with than to disagree with; maybe we should redirect our focus and stop the enemy in his tracks.
If we can agree with 1 Timothy 3.16, that could be a starting point it says…and without controversy great is the mystery of godliness: God was manifest in the flesh, justified in the spirit, seen of angels, preached unto the gentiles, believed on the word and received up into glory.
I could write a book on this subject but time and space will not permit, but I want to leave you with this thought and question for future discussions; I know we will not always agree on everything concerning church and the bible, but there is just one thing I want to know…CAN WE AGREE ON…JESUS?