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Below is the article which appeared in the 16th edition of the i.f.i. national magazine published annually for the national convention.


by Dr. Laura B. Christopher


Don't let that COLLAR you're wearing, get you in trouble by making you think you KNOW some-thing that you DON'T, or puffing you up or making you feel invincible. That’s not the job of a la-pel or neckpiece.

Wearing a collar is a sign or mark of a person's holy calling. It is intended to be an identifying badge that can be recognized by people of all faiths. At one time this was the case; however, things have changed to some degree.
Putting on a collar is not like Superman putting on a cape, and all of a sudden, ”SHABAM!” you're inevitably changed into an omniscient, all-powerful, collar-wearing MOG or WOG. That particular paradigm has swollen the heads of countless ministers who don't want to, and will not put in the years, time and study necessary to be a leader who can make a difference.

There’s no SHORT CUT to being a minister, and putting on that collar does not automatically and instantly catapult you to spiritual higher heights. If Jesus went through the process for 30 years, and He was God in the flesh, what do you think that means for us? Come on now peo-ple...THINK! Would God almighty set a plan in place for His people down through the dis-pensations, only to sanction someone with an ulterior motive and ego to put on a collar and be-come God's gift to mankind? Oh no, that would go against everything His inerrant word stands for.

Let's face it, some of these collar-wearing, wildcat, self-called preachers, men and women alike, should no more be wearing a collar than a mule should be teaching Sunday School. Some of this irresponsible playtime behavior happens because we have forgotten biblical standards. Many of us don’t require anything from those who lead us, except wearing a collar. When we begin from the pulpit to compel those who seek to be a voice for the Lord to at least be students of the bible, much of this tomfoolery will stop.

The bible tells us to KNOW THEM that labor among us. Yet, how many times do we simply nod an approval to the first person in a collar, not knowing the least bit about them. And another thing...even when it is obvious that they have a convoluted view of the word of God, while they’re spouting out nothingness, we simply give an insincere smile and act as if we are agree-ing with them. These are a few of the reasons that ignorance of the scripture is perpetuated in the first place.

The collar should not fool us in the least bit. It all boils down to what truth is emanating from their mouths. They don’t even have to be super skillful, just know something and allow the spirit of God to have His way. Undeserved collars and titles have become the popular thing in many of our churches and a generation is growing up on the deceit that this practice can sometimes offer.

Yes ma'am and yes sir, the days of the SUPER COLLAR is progressively coming to an end and we must never allow it to rear its ugly head again. The time of the Lord’s return is imminently upon us, and we want Him to be pleased with the way we have conducted ourselves in every way possible, including not dropping the ball by bowing to an unlearned collar.

Scripture says in I Corinthians 14:26, “How is it then, brethren? when ye come together, every one of you hath a psalm, hath a doctrine, hath a tongue, hath a revelation, hath an interpreta-tion. Let all things be done unto edifying.” I say the same when it comes to seeking and wearing titles. Why is it that everybody in our church community is a Rev., an Elder, an Evangelist, a Prophetess, a Messenger, a Missionary, an Apostle, or else they don’t feel that they’re being lifted up enough. I would venture to say that we have forgotten that it is not the title or the collar, it is the spirit of the Lord that’s down on the inside that makes the difference.

And brothers and my sisters, ask NOT what the collar and title can do for you; but ask what YOU can do for the kingdom.

ALL is well...and all SHALL be well,
Dr. Laura B. Christopher