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Will Somebody Just Tell Me the TRUTH?!?

Below is the article which appeared in the 7th edition of the i.f.i. national magazine published annually for the national convention.

Will Somebody Just Tell Me the TRUTH?!?
A cry from thousands of Christian women about living in real life
and pleasing God at the same time

by Dr. Laura B. Christopher
Successful career, contented husband, immaculate home, well-balanced children and victorious ministry……you think that’s a piece of cake? You think you’re super woman and can handle it? As women, I think we probably have told ourselves that we can handle it, because of the multi-tasking lives we lead, as well as listening to erroneous statements from unwise women, soap operas and other television shows. Can we do ALL of this successfully? Could it be that we can do these things all in our heads or in our dreams? The wise answer is we can do the things we do, in the most excellent way that we know how and leave the rest to God. The words of one particular song say…I can bring home the bacon, fry it up in a pan, and never let you forget you’re a man, ‘cause I’m a woman, W O M A N. Yeah…right!
Come on out of that fantasy asap, because you’ll be in a straight jacket, staring at the sun and humming kum ba ya, if you keep that up! The truth is, if we have adequate help, there are a great many things that we can get done. There are only 24 hours in a day and at least 8 of them should be spent allowing our bodies to recoup some energy and strength in order to face the next day. I am not giving you a license to stop reaching for excellence in every facet of your lives, but I am telling you to be realistic and sensible.
Stop allowing the women of Hollywood to set your standards. These actresses create an illusion and delusion and then when they step into their own realities, they can barely wipe their kid’s noses without a nanny, a cook, a housekeeper, a laundress and a shopper. Even the Proverbs 31 virtuous woman took a lifetime to perfect her ways, so how do we think we can get it all done in a few short years.
OK, here’s the plan:
  • Organize yourself daily (a must)
  • Set goals daily, as to what you want to complete
  • If you’re married, make sure you do couple time every week
  • Incorporate your husband and ASK for help throughout the home
  • Keep the faith AS you go
  • Keep an attitude of excellence
  • Ignore “perfect” women who try to send you on a guilt trip
W.i.f.i., let’s be real. We can’t just shout the glory down, quote scriptures and speak in tongues all day long, we have a godly life to lead, and it can be done, just not all in one day. Space out your time and work, and watch your life and circumstances change for the better. I am just scratching the surface of this subject, but I wanted to give you a different perspective from the circulating lie that says you are a failure unless you are SUPER WIFE, SUPER MOTHER, and SUPER SAINT all wrapped up in one. To be continued 
All is well and all SHALL be well,
Dr. Laura